Cynoplus (levothyroxine / LIOTHYRONINE) 30 mcg /120mcg 50 TAB

Cynoplus (levothyroxine / LIOTHYRONINE) 30 mcg /120mcg 50 TAB

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We do have Cynoplus in stock.


  • Name: Cynoplus
  • comparable to: Armor thyroid
  • Active ingredients: levothyroxine / LIOTHYRONINE
  • Concentration: 30 mcg/120 mcg
  • Bottle with 50 tablets
  • Laboratory: Grossman
  • Made in Mexico
  • Consumption of this product is responsibility of the person who uses and recommends, consult your doctor before taking any medication, prescription required.

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Comments and ratings: Cynoplus (levothyroxine / LIOTHYRONINE) 30 mcg /120mcg 50 TAB

By PERRET. October 6, 2019.

Hi! Do you ship your products to France? Is Cynoplus currently available?
Hello good afternoon Indeed we do ship worlwide in this case to FRANCE can only ship 10 units per package Have a great day

By kev. September 4, 2019.

Hi, do you currently have stock of cynoplus and do you know if there are any restrictions on importing cynoplus into the UK ? is your regular international (14 -24 days) postage by regular post or courier? thankyou
Hello good afternooon Yes indeed we do have a good quantityof it all you need to do is register on our website Thank you

By nombre. July 22, 2019.

is this item in stock?
Hello good afternoon we do have it available Thank you for your preference Farmacias del nino

By Mare. May 17, 2019.

Is Cynoplus available at the moment?
Hello good afternoon Yes, indeed it is Available Thank you for your preference Farmacias del nino

By sar. April 18, 2019.

Is Cynoplus available? Thank you.
Hello good afternoon Yes,. indeed Still in stock and available on or website Thank you

By Jojo. March 24, 2019.

Is Cynoplus still in stock, please?
Hello, Jojo, for now this product is NOT available we appalogize for nay tupe of inconvinience this may casue you Farmacias Del Nino

By Linda. March 11, 2019.

Is Cynoplus available?
Hello Yes we do have some nits available Thank you

By Wendy. November 28, 2018.

Is Cynoplus available?
Hello good afternoon Yes it is Thank you for your preference Farmacias del nino

By Mel. January 13, 2018.

Do you have 8 bottles of cynoplus 25mcg ? Can I pay by credit card
Helllo good Morning We do have availability of this product CYNOPLUS All you need is to register on our website Once your register and when your done placing a new order we will email you our payment options. Thank you for you preferences Farmacias del Nino

By Gareth . December 19, 2017.

Do you have stock of 2x Cynoplus? Thanks
Hello good afternoon Yes, we do. Thank you for your preference Farmacias del Nino

By James. September 5, 2017.

Hi, do you have 8 cynoplus? Thank you very much.
Hello good afternoon Yes we do carry it and we do have Enough units available Here is the link for our page Thank you for your preference Farmacias del Nino

By Nigel. July 25, 2017.

Do you have three (3) each of cynomel and Cynomel plus?
Hello good afernoon. Indeed we do carry both of them and there are available. Thank you for your preference Farmacias del Nino

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