How to track your international order?

Your shipment information will be available 2 or 3 days after we ship your order 

please note the following:
The information in your shipment will be monitored by Mexpost from the moment your order arrives at their office until your package arrives at the customs of the United States after that your package will be monitored by the Postal Service of the United States.

In international orders (except U.S.) your package will be monitored by the local postal service of your country once Mexpost sent it to their destination airway.

The first days please check your shipping first in Mexpost and check the days following your shipment in USPS for the United States or the local postal service of your country for international

Follow these links and use your   RMxxxxxxxxxMX number

MexPost Tracking Page. Tracking Page.   

This is the path your order follow: our office in Mexico, sends the order by Mexpost (Mexican Postal Service), they send it to Mexico city, transport passes by the city of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, then come to the Mexpost office in the neighborhood of Benito Juarez in Mexico City, they then send air to the United States or other countries. 

Once your package arrives at the customs office of the United States or any other country, tracking is done through the website of the local post office for the United States is right through USPS on the next page http://www. / shipping / trackandconfirm.htm.

Regular air mail is a less expensive and more reliable. However, orders shipped by regular air mail takes longer to deliver.

Note that despite regular air mail is trackable in most cases, tracking information is available only in the delivery (or attempted delivery) from the order. This allows us to see if your order was successfully delivered, but does not provide details from real-time delivery.

At the bottom is the message that appears in the USPS website when you want to track an International order, during shipping, most of the time shall have no additional information of your order, until your order is about to be delivered ,

Label/Receipt Number: RM00 0412 797M X
Service(s): Registered Mail™
Status: Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.

We appreciate much wait for your International order, your order will arrive within 12 to no more than 24 business days. If passed more than 24 business days and have not received your order please contact us.