Bitcoin payments more information


Bitcoin is a descentralized digital currency, this means that it´s not controlled by any institution or any person, which gives you very low transaction fees.

When you transfer bitcoins you don´t give any financial information. This digital currency is safe and you can easily exchange for any other currency.


Bitcoins are transferred from person to person via internet, without going through a bank or any clearance house. Is like sending an e-mail!

Some of the advantages of this digital currency are:

  • Very low transaction fees
  • You can use them in every country
  • Your account cannot be frozen
  • There are not any contract or arbitrary limits.


Your bitcoins are stored in your digital wallet, which might look familiar if you use online banking. When you transfer bitcoins, an electronic signature is added. 

Paying with bitcoins is an easy, safe and private way to make your payments.



You can buy bitcoins in several specialized websites, where you need to create an account and make a digital wallet and exchange your money for bitcoins


The value of one bitcoin is very volatile, which means it´s changing every minute, You can buy many bitcoins or a percent of a bitcoin.



Here are some of the most popular and most used websites to buy your bitcoins:

Create and account in any of these websites and start buying bitcoins!


To buy and pay with bitcoins:

  1. Create a digital wallet: A digital wallet will let you receive, buy and spend bitcoins.
  1. Buy bitcoins: Bitcoin accepts any currency in the world.
  2. Pay with bitcoins: Making a payment using bitcoins is extremely fast, as fast as sending an e-maiL
  3. To pay whit bitcoins just open your digital wallet and use any of the following methods:
  • Acces our secure quick checkout for web

Once you have opened your account and bought bitcoins, Follow the next link and send your payment; type your order number and the amount of your order, and you are all set. 

Quick Checkout

  • QR code scan:

If you use a bitcoin app in your mobile phone just open your digital wallet, scan the QR code that may appear in your invoice (send us an email asking for an invoice so you can pay for your order?) Confirm your information and that´s it! Payment done.

  • Open invoice in your digital wallet:

You can send us an email asking for an invoice so you can pay for your order?Just open your invoice, confirm your information, proceed and the payment will be done.

  • Making a payment manually:

If you own a not upgraded wallet, you can do a manual payment.

Just copy the direction of the invoice and the exact amount to pay, put this information in your wallet and do the payment.



To get a refund you had to directly contact us and not the site where your wallet is.

If you had any questions or concerns, please contact us: